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Wood Walls We Love (And We Think You Will Too)

Wood Walls We Love (And We Think You Will Too)


Source: Blesser House

Wood walls put a spin on the traditional bathroom by warming up the cool, clean design that we typically see. This singular wall softens the sterile atmosphere without forcing the entire space to mirror the interior of a log cabin.


Source: Studio Gray House

We love the thought of curling up next to this reclaimed wood wall with a good book. The natural accent featured by this nook creates a warm and cozy feeling that is perfect for any relaxation space


Source: Nordic Design

Whoever says that wood walls have to be for a rustic space needs to see this modern home. We love the mixture of wood and all of the clean, white pieces in this living room.


Source: Vintage South Development

Wood isn’t restricted to the floors and walls! These lofty accents give some well-deserved love to typically-neglected parts of the home.


Source: Clayton & Little

We love how this kitchen wall disbands the pattern of white walls in the rest of this home. The wood adds a pop of personality and ties in the wooden countertop on the island.


Source: Turbulences Deco

This chevron wood accent wall is absolutely stunning. It seamlessly creates a chic style that emphasizes the glamor of this gorgeous living room.


Looking for reclaimed lumber for your wood walls?

Antique Lumber Company is located in Gainesville, Texas. We take great care in gently reclaiming the finest antique longleaf pine we can find, and we source all our materials from century-old structures like homes, barns, and warehouses throughout the North Texas region. The lumber, doors, windows, and hardware we salvage find new life in retail spaces, restaurant interiors, homes, and much more.

We’re proud to contribute to the reforestation of longleaf pine forests by keeping this incredible lumber out of the landfills.

Please visit us at our warehouse or read more about us here to read why we believe longleaf pine is exceptional as a building and design material above all others.


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