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Why You Should Use Reclaimed Lumber for a Bathroom Remodel

Why You Should Use Reclaimed Lumber for a Bathroom Remodel

Here’s what to keep in mind when incorporating wood accents into your rustic bathroom renovation

Bathroom Remodel with Reclaimed Lumber

We just love a good farmhouse. Don’t you?

Antique knick-knacks, neutral color palettes, and vintage signage are just a few hallmarks of the popular farmhouse look. Renovation pros and DIY-ers alike have been choosing to decorate their homes in this rustic style, likely as a nod to simpler times and the nostalgia it evokes. We just think it’s a beautiful look!

While there are several essentials to achieving a farmhouse aesthetic, there is probably nothing more essential than — you guessed it — wood. Exposed wood beams, butcher block countertops, and furniture built using reclaimed lumber are all characteristic of the farmhouse style. Basically, reclaimed wood brings automatic rustic charm to a space. 

But what about your bathroom?

It’s no secret, but wood doesn’t always fare well in moisture-rich environments. If you decide to incorporate wood, using lumber that’s aged is the way to go. Below, we have a few reasons why.


1. Older Lumber is Stable Lumber

In the DIY world, there aren’t many fates worse than a completed project going kaput only a few months after you finish it.

Because antique lumber has endured years upon years of fluctuating humidity levels and endless cycles of expansion and contraction, the wood is much more stable and will be less likely to warp when coming into contact with moisture. This is something to keep in mind when constructing pretty much anything, but especially when building items meant for humid environments like bathrooms.

Instead of using newer lumber or pallet wood for projects in damp areas, consider using reclaimed lumber. You’ll be able to create something unique and beautiful like the wood counter pictured below:

Via Christina’s Adventures

Of course, when using wood for counters — especially in a bathroom — proper preparation and sealing are incredibly important. After all, you don’t want moisture seeping into that beautiful lumber. But if you start with a material like antique lumber, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of the finished product.


2. Older Lumber is Stronger Lumber

Because reclaimed wood was typically sourced from centuries-old forests, it has a tendency to be harder and stronger. We specialize in reclaiming longleaf pine, which is a very hard heart pine. 

Think about it: ancient longleaf pine trees spent centuries not only accumulating growth rings but also fighting for nutrients as they endured countless seasons and climates. This results in a lumber that’s 25% harder than newer wood of the same species.

Durable wood is a must for bathrooms, and you’ll want something strong if you decide to build something like the floating shelves below. After all, the last thing you want is those shelves crashing down on someone’s head.

Photo by Bless'er House

Via Bless’er House


3. Older Lumber Comes with Built-In Character

The supreme trademark of the farmhouse style is its worn, rustic features. Tutorials teaching DIY enthusiasts how to recreate a weathered-wood look abound on the internet. But why not save yourself the trouble by simply using materials that are already naturally worn with age?

Creating a faux weathered finish is easy to overdo and can unintentionally cheapen your finished project. There is simply nothing that can compare to a genuinely aged wood’s quality like you see in the bathroom counter pictured below.

Photo by Jim Tschetter

Via Lonny 


When adding some wooden farmhouse charm to your bathroom, you can go small (adding a few floating shelves) or big (bathroom remodel, anyone?). However you decide to do it, just be sure to use genuine, durable reclaimed wood. Plus, when you use reclaimed lumber, you can often see the decades-old markings left behind by the original woodworkers — how cool is that?

Incorporating wood accents into a small, damp area can be a tricky thing, but when done well, the result is nothing short of magnificent.


Not sure where to find reclaimed lumber?

We have plenty! Call us or visit our warehouse to see our incredible supply of reclaimed lumber, doors, windows, and more.

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