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Why Businesses Are Choosing To Use Reclaimed Materials

Why Businesses Are Choosing To Use Reclaimed Materials

From coffee shops to corporate offices, you’ve probably noticed more and more businesses using reclaimed materials. Whether it’s a wood wall or antique accents, there are plenty of reasons businesses have seen the value in using something old in their spaces. Here are just a few:


It’s Green

Simply put, when you use reclaimed wood, you help save new trees. Our reclaimed wood is taken from old homes and barns that would otherwise be demolished. In doing so, we’re proud to reduce the amount of waste for construction projects. Using reclaimed materials also allows a piece of history to be given another life and be appreciated by another generation.


It’s Low Maintenance

Have you ever gotten new shoes and almost cried when they got their first scuff? This is exactly what it feels like when a brand new space begins to lose its shine. Using reclaimed materials is like a great pair of classic brown boots that have been worn through many adventures, but they still look great even with their imperfections. When you use reclaimed materials, they are already “broken in”. There isn’t much that is going to ruin your reclaimed materials, most of the time it just adds to the character.

It’s Durable

You might think that because lumber is old that it isn’t durable, but that simply is not the case. Reclaimed wood typically has tighter growth rings which make the wood around 25 percent harder than new wood of the same species. Reclaimed wood has had plenty of time to settle into its permanent form, so you won’t have to worry as much about issues like wood warping


It’s Popular

Inevitably, some people like reclaimed wood just because it is trendy. For some people, the fact that it is practical and eco-friendly is just a bonus. Shiplap walls (thank you, Fixer Upper) and reclaimed details are all the rage right now, and it’s a trend that we don’t see ending anytime soon. Reclaimed materials add eclectic details, make spaces unique, and add to any business atmosphere. One of Antique Lumber’s main commercial clients is Babe’s Chicken. Aside from their delicious chicken, Babe’s is known for their unique atmosphere made up of reclaimed material. It is one of the reasons their customers continue returning time after time.


Antique Lumber Company is proud to provide both individuals and businesses with a wide selection of reclaimed products. We specialize in longleaf pine, which is a great material for everything from flooring to shiplap wood walls. What are your favorite businesses that use reclaimed materials?

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