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Using Shiplap in Interior Design

using shiplap

Using Shiplap in Interior Design

It’s nearly impossible to get through a conversation about home decor without hearing the words “modern farmhouse,” “farmhouse chic,” or even “rustic industrial” thrown around. With the rise in popularity of Joanna and Chip Gaines, and their Fixer Upper/Magnolia Empire, it’s no wonder we’re living in a shiplap-clad world.

Shiplap has been gaining popularity as of late and we couldn’t be more excited. Traditionally used as exterior siding for ships (hence the name), barns, houses, sheds and the like, shiplap has found its way indoors and the uses are endless.


What is Shiplap?

Shiplap is a type of siding that has a rabbet (a groove) cut into the posterior of the board. This groove allows planks to fit snugly together, creating a watertight seal. This snug fit also gives shiplap its distinctive horizontal line pattern.


Using Shiplap in Interior Design

The versatility of shiplap is one of its greatest assets. You can paint it, sand it, stain it, or leave it rough-hewn to fit your decorating style. Whether you’re going for modern or rustic, the sleek look and the clean lines of shiplap make it a beautiful addition to your space. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spaces incorporating shiplap: kitchens, dining rooms, even ceilings. You’re sure to find inspiration for your space!

Bria Hammel Interiors

We love the use of grey shiplap on the walls in this mudroom. The perfect mix of soft, yet durable, is ideal for high traffic spaces like mudrooms and entryways.

Threshold Interiors NYC

The white shiplap walls in this dining room add just enough character and detail without being overwhelming.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Talk about a double whammy. We are loving this dynamic duo of a shiplap accent wall and shiplap clad island. The perfect way to add a bit of farmhouse to your décor.

Coco Kelley

Shiplap has countless uses, and we love how Coco Kelley did the unexpected with a slate grey shiplap clad ceiling, it adds just the right amount of texture to the room.

The Guest House Studio

We love the texture and character that shiplap gives to this entryway, it is visually interesting without dominating the space.

Why Reclaimed Wood and Shiplap?

Reclaimed wood and shiplap is more durable, environmentally friendly, and comes complete with a look all its own. It is the perfect way to make something uniquely you. Each piece has character and a story to tell. Paint it, sand it, make it your own, or let the wood do the talking.

Not sure where to find lumber for your reclaimed wood projects?

Antique Lumber Company has everything you need to complete your home décor project. Reclaimed shiplap, lumber, window panes, hardware, barn doors, and lots more for projects of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to update a space, build a table runner, or are ready to build a table for your dining room, we have plenty of supplies for you to choose from. Visit our site or give us a call at 940-665-6000 to learn how we can help!


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