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How To Repurpose A Window Into A Coffee Table

How To Repurpose A Window Into A Coffee Table

There are endless ways to repurpose a window pane, but one of our favorites ends in a new statement piece for your living room! We love this YouTube video by Diva of DIY that shows you how to turn an old, antique window into a new coffee table with built-in storage.




  • 1 reclaimed window
  • 4 1×6” trim boards
  • 1 piece of plywood
  • Set of chest hinges
  • 4 leg brackets
  • 4 furniture feet/table legs
  • Hammer/nail gun
  • Nails
  • Tape measure
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw


Step 1 

Using the dimensions of the window, cut your trim boards and plywood accordingly to construct a box that will attach to the bottom of the window. (Remember that you will be attaching the trim boards to the sides of the plywood. Cut your plywood so that you still allow for 1” from the trim boards to be added on each side. You will also need to adjust the length of the trim boards so that the edges will line up.)



Step 2 

Assemble the trim boards around the plywood bottom. Use the nail gun to attach two of the side pieces together, then slide it adjacent to the plywood and nail them in.



Step 3

Screw the leg brackets into the corners of the bottom of the plywood and then screw into the table legs. Once you have done both, screw the legs into the leg brackets.



Step 4

Screw the chest hinges onto one side of the box and window to attach them.






We love this project because of the numerous opportunities for customization it offers. You can truly make the piece your own with paints, finishes, legs, and, of course, windows! At Antique Lumber Company, we have all types of single- and multi-pane reclaimed windows perfect for your next DIY project.

Check out Diva of DIY’s YouTube channel for the full video:


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