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Good As New: Reclaimed in New Builds

Good As New: Reclaimed in New Builds

Reclaimed wood is undoubtedly on-trend and appearing in spaces throughout homes quicker than you can say “shiplap.” However, it’s aesthetic charm, and functional appeal isn’t limited to domestic use alone. Commercial spaces such as retail stores, restaurant and offices have also found that using reclaimed lumber products in their architectural design offers many, if not more of the same benefits. Learn how to utilize antique lumber in commercial spaces with these different design styles:

No matter if you need to create a sleek and professional environment, or something more rugged and rustic, reclaimed wood is a superior material. It’s highly versatile and readily lends itself to the style a business wants to embody with its building.

Modern Interior Design for Commercial Spaces

Incorporating reclaimed wood into your interior design project doesn’t mean it has to have a “cabin-feel.” Recovered timbers can be milled, textured and stained like any other wood, giving you the freedom to create whatever atmosphere is desired for your particular space. Use salvaged barn wood siding for flooring and wall or ceiling paneling for a controlled application of the warmth and character that wood brings to a room. This looks great in an open office space or restaurant.

Reclaimed Wood for a Natural Feel

Utilizing wood with rich textures provides a natural element in your design scheme while alluding to the outdoors. Researchers suggest that humans have an innate desire to be close to nature and have termed this “biophilic behavior.”

This phenomenon has led architects and designers to incorporate timber products in building interiors. If a particular business wants to show that they’re authentic, organic and environmentally-conscious, reclaimed wood can provide natural textures to achieve that atmosphere. Depending on the surrounding elements in the space, reclaimed wood with minimal sanding and finishing will work beautifully.

Superior Durability That Was Grown to Last

Timber that is grown today pales in comparison to lumber that was harvested a century ago. Buildings and homes of the late 19th  and early 20th centuries were built from non-agricultural old growth forests and experts agree that they differ in structure from their modern-day counterparts.

Timber that was harvested from old growth forests were much older when cut – around 400 to 500 years old. Because of this long, slow growth process, its heart pine was able to mature and achieve its famed strength and hardness. Today, longleaf heart pine is revered and highly prized for its quality and unyielding durability.

Rustic, Aged Atmosphere with Salvaged Wood

Finally, a worn, aged look is most likely the style that comes to mind with reclaimed wood. This can be accomplished by incorporating multiple antique lumber elements within the same space. With more wood surfaces exposed, the rustic quality of the salvaged timbers will become increasingly apparent. An old barn door, reclaimed wood tables, and exposed ceiling beams are all beautiful elements to incorporate for a rustic atmosphere.

Antique lumber isn’t just for home interiors. Commercial spaces can significantly benefit from this highly adaptive design element. Visit our warehouse in Gainesville, Texas to see how your retail space, office or restaurant can use our reclaimed timber products in your new construction or remodel projects!



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