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5 DIY Wooden Holiday Decorations

wooden holiday decorations

5 DIY Wooden Holiday Decorations

We’ve been passing holiday decorations in stores ever since Halloween ended. It’s that time of year when stores bombard us with their endless supplies of holiday decorations. Sure, it’s easy to buy decorations at the store, but you’re often being charged a premium for these seasonal products. Give DIY projects a chance to give your home some holiday spirit this year! We’ve got 5 ideas for you right here.


5 DIY Wooden Holiday Decorations

1. Reclaimed Wood Tree


Source: Her Toolbelt 

With all of the bright green, shiny red, lights, and glitter, holiday decorations can be a little overwhelming. To achieve a more rustic look this holiday season, give this wooden Christmas tree a try. We recommend using reclaimed barn wood!


2. Reclaimed Pallet Tree


Source: Crafty Morning 

Bring the Christmas trees outside! Here’s a project that you can really make your own. You get to determine the size and the paint color(s) to coordinate with the rest of your decorations. To ensure your outdoor holiday decor withstands the wear and tear that comes with being outside, use a durable wood like longleaf pine.


3. Reversible Reclaimed Wood Scarecrow & Snowman


Source: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Who doesn’t love the idea of two for one? With this DIY project, you get a scarecrow for October and November and a snowman for December! Bring the holiday joy to your front porch with this smiling snowman.


4. Reclaimed Wood Snowman


Source: Crafting In Line  

Snowmen don’t always have to be made with snow! If you live in an area that’s unlikely to see a White Christmas, this project is a great way to bring one of winter’s most timeless icons to your front yard. Again, we recommend using a durable wood so that your snowman doesn’t wither away.


5. Reclaimed Wood Snowflake


Source: Ana White 

This snowflake is another great idea if you’re decorating a more rustic atmosphere. Of course, you can always paint it with your favorite holiday colors, too. It’s an easy and inexpensive build that brings wintry style to any room or outdoor space.


Ready to create wooden holiday decorations?

Not only are these projects cheaper than what you’ll find in stores, but they also give you a chance to spend some quality time with your family this holiday season. If you’re in need of lumber or barn wood to complete these projects, come give us a visit! From everyone at Antique Lumber Company, happy holidays!

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