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Beyond Wood: Antique Bricks

Beyond Wood: Antique Bricks

At Antique Lumber Company, it’s our privilege to provide some of the finest reclaimed pine lumber in the state of Texas. We take great pride in being a leader in the reclaimed wood industry. However, you may not know that our warehouse is stocked with a variety of non-lumber items that we take just as meticulous care in salvaging from the buildings and homes we deconstruct. Along with a variety of interior fixtures such as doors and hardware, we also offer exterior elements, namely bricks. This vintage masonry is highly sought after for a multitude of reasons and will make quite the statement in your next construction project. Let’s look at some of the remarkable characteristics and benefits of using our salvaged bricks –


Unusual Coloring

In the last 50 years, commercial masonry has advanced with technology and the availability of new materials. However, there is something to be said for the craftsmanship and quality of bricking that was mixed and fired by hand. Before the use of chemically-compounded pigments, bricks were dyed with natural elements like minerals. The colors produced were a variety of earth tones ranging from light pinks and creams to vibrant reds. The firing process also made each brick district with no two alike. The next time you’re near an older brick home or building, notice how the coloring is uniform from a distance but varies dramatically (yet harmoniously) up close.


Stamps and Embossing

Humans have been making bricks for more than 9,000 years. It’s believed that the earliest civilizations began crafting rudimentary blocks for building purposes around 7,000 BC in southern Turkey, around the ancient site of the city of Jericho. Archeologists argue that masonry is one of the longest surviving trades and was an art form passed down through generations. Ancient bricks were marked with a symbol to identify the tradesman. These markings evolved with time to also include when and where the piece was made. These stampings needn’t be ornate – it’s not uncommon to find little more than a thumbprint on a brick, and it makes the piece no less desirable by collectors.


Irregualr Shapes and Texture

The variations in the sizes and shapes of vintage bricks are what often lends itself to great appeal. With mass-produced work, each piece is uniform in every aspect. Antique bricks offer a great range in aesthetic flexibility as each one is truly individual. Smaller scale bricks have often found their second life in landscaping while bricks with interesting textures have been used to create visual centerpieces in areas such as kitchens and baths.

No matter where you plan to incorporate older bricks, they’re sure to insert a level of quality and style that is surely unsurpassed. We can think of no greater design element to complement our antique lumber than the beauty and character found in our bricks.

Antique Lumber Company invites you to shop the finest selection of antique pine in Texas. Our warehouse is located just an hour north of the DFW Metroplex, and we’ve recently added Saturday hours for your shopping convenience. When you’re looking to bring quality and history to your home or business’ construction project, look no further than longleaf pine and Antique Lumber Company!



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