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9 DIY Reclaimed Wood Christmas Décor Projects

9 DIY Christmas Decor Projects

9 DIY Reclaimed Wood Christmas Décor Projects

It’s that time of year again, where you’re in the process of getting your home ready for family and friends and preparing for the odd caroler to drop by. Of course, decorations are a must. And your decorations should showcase not just the holidays, but also your exquisite taste in rustic décor.

To help out with this mission, we’ve provided some of our favorite reclaimed wood DIY ideas for holiday decorations that will make your home sparkle with spirit and joy. These cute but simple wooden projects allow even those caught up in the bustle of the busiest season to create and enjoy.

Reclaimed Wood Candles

Image via: The Blue Door Cottage

This season is filled with lights, so why shouldn’t your home be, too? These wooden candles are super simple to make. Cut down a reclaimed wooden post to your desired size, then add festive colored paint! Sand the paint down to create the weathered look, and drill a wide hole in the top for resting the candles. Although the above photo by The Blue Door Cottage used fake candles, real tea lights would work too, creating a twinkle of warmth in your home! For even more festive results, try using a holiday-scented candle to increase winter spirit.


Reclaimed Wood Wall Hangings: Countdown

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Countdown Calendar with chalkboard paint
Image via:

It’s amazing what a plank of reclaimed wood and some chalkboard paint can do. Children love changing the numbers at the end of each day (and adults do too!).  This simple piece will keep the holiday excitement alive in your home!


Reclaimed Wood Wall Hanging: Joy

 Reclaimed Wood Christmas ProjectImage via: Kristi Murphy

Like the previous piece, this Joy wall hanging is very easy to put together. With just a hammer and some nails, reclaimed wood, and some paper mache letters from your local craft store, you, too, can show the world how you feel about this season. Mix it up with paint, glitter, or even fake poinsettias to add decoration. Or, just keep it simple.


Reclaimed Wood Shutter Snowman

Reclaimed Wood Christmas ProjectImage via: Debbie Nicarry

Who knew that using a reclaimed wooden shutter could create such a fun result? This snowman requires little more than paint and imagination to come to life for the winter. Children will love it, and friends will be jealous that you had the idea first.


Reclaimed Wood Snowflakes

Reclaimed Wood Christmas ProjectImage via: Designed Décor

These rustic snowflakes won’t melt, no matter how hot the season might be! Decorate your house with them, or, give them as gifts to fellow winter-lovers. Staining the reclaimed wooden base different colors showcase the uniqueness of each snowflake, giving you one-of-a-kind décor.


Reclaimed Wood Lanterns

Reclaimed Wood Christmas ProjectImage via: Diva DIY

Although this project requires a little more work than previous projects, the end-result is worth it. These wooden lanterns shine with the warmth of the holiday season. Imagine how much homier they would feel using real reclaimed wood – can you say “cozy?”


Reclaimed Wood Menorah

Reclaimed Wood Christmas ProjectImage via: lessandmore (etsy)

Although it’s probably the least complicated of the projects, the simple elegance of this Hanukkah Menorah is astounding. For best results, choose wood with a large grain to add personality to your celebration.


Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

Reclaimed Wood Christmas ProjectImage via: The Crafty Ginger

Nothing says ‘holidays’ like a Christmas tree! Reminiscent of the holiday crafts your children once made in school, these charming trees draw visitors in for a second look.  For a unique effect, collect a sampling of assorted styles and colors of reclaimed wood (we especially love the usage of old chair rails and wall accents!). Add strings of beads for a winter look that is both rustic and chic.

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Project
Image via: ToolBox Divas

Or, if you’re wanting an extra challenge, this tree offers a more ‘flexible’ version of holiday crafting. The nuts and bolts between each level of branches allow the tree to be spread out or stacked up straight. Decorate the branches with lights, beads, or even ornaments to complete your festive charm.


With so many project ideas this holiday season, the question arises: where do you get the wood for your supplies? 

The answer: Antique Lumber Company in Gainesville, Texas. We offer the finest-quality reclaimed longleaf pine of all sizes and varieties. We also carry salvaged doors, hardware, bricks, clay roof tiles, and much, much more! We’re ready to help you out with any project, large or small. Let us help you ring in the holidays!

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