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7 Adorable Things to Do with Antique Doorknobs

7 Adorable Things to Do with Antique Doorknobs

Like a one-of-a-kind necklace passed down through generations, or a timeless pair of vintage earrings, antique doorknobs can serve as the perfect accessory to your home. The best part? They cost a fraction of the price of your grandma’s brooch! Keep reading to get inspired on how you can add vintage glamour to your home by using repurposed antique doorknobs!


Replace Your Doorknob

First things first: When revamping your home with antique doorknobs, sometimes the best place to start is the most obvious… your doors! Think beyond the front door to your bedroom, pantry, and bathroom doors. The best part of this project is that everyone who enters your home will experience the finished result, hands on! This DIY post by The Daring Domestic shows you how to install antique doorknobs to your doors to add a weathered, yet dainty touch to every room!


Curtain Rods

You may have seen this look at your favorite home decor store, but did you know that you could do it yourself without breaking a sweat? Add glass knobs to a rod for a refined look, or painted and rusty knobs for a farmhouse charm. Although doorknobs affixed to curtain rods may seem like a small detail, you’ll be shocked at the effect they’ll have on your bedroom or living room!  Visit to get a step-by-step instruction to take your curtain rods to the next level!



This adorable birdhouse is so simple to make, it doesn’t even need a DIY article! Either make your own birdhouse from scratch, use a make-your-own birdhouse kit, or find an assembled birdhouse you love. Then, simply replace the peg on the front with your favorite knob, and you’ve successfully revamped your birdhouse!


Doorknob Jar

Just getting your feet wet with the whole, DIY thing? Then give this easy project a try. shows how to take a simple glass jar and repurposed doorknobs and transform it into a lovely centerpiece that’s sure to add personality to any home. No power tools required!


Wall hanger

Wall hangers are an effortless way to add the antique-chic look to any room. Use a selection of unique doorknobs to create photo hangers, replacing the photos or artwork with the seasons. To add interest to your personal space, use knob hangers by your vanity, for jewelry holders that are just as lovely as your accessories.  Check out this how-to post by to get this high-impact, low-cost look in your home.


Coat Rack

Let’s face it–everyone could use some extra storage in their lives! Instead of opting for the run of the mill wall hanger, why not make your own, unique coat rack? Both functional and fun, this project will surely be a conversation-starter, especially when hung by the front door! Check out this article by This Old House for step-by-step instruction.


Bottle Stopper

Now that you’ve gathered some inspiration for your own home, share the vintage-chic love by crafting these lovely bottle stoppers that make the perfect gifts! This how-to article by gives instruction on how to tackle this DIY project that makes a unique, yet practical gift.



Although antique doorknobs are inexpensive, you’ll find their vintage quality to be simply irreplaceable in your home. These simple projects are an affordable and fun way to add unique character, without breaking the bank (or losing your patience). At Antique Lumber, we have a wide array of vintage doorknobs, just waiting to be a star accessory in your home!

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