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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Using Reclaimed Materials

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Using Reclaimed Materials

From the time you were old enough to have pressed into plaster of paris, your mother has appreciated handmade gifts on Mother’s Day. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise her with something you crafted. Reclaimed materials inspire gifts like the following:


Unique Photo Frame

The digital age has in no way ousted your mom’s desire to show off pictures of her pride and joy. Give her a unique gift of you (or her grandkids) using an old window as the frame. It’s a beautiful piece of wall art that features her favorite subjects. Once you find a reclaimed window with the glass still in it, the rest is easy. Print your favorite high-resolution image to fit the size of the frame (taking the width of the window pane itself into consideration by allowing some margin). Use acid-free tape or tiny, flat-headed furniture tacks to attach the photo to the window. Add some picture hangers and you’re ready to give mom a token of your love.


Vintage Wooden Headboard

Reclaimed longleaf pine gives woodworkers and hobbyists the opportunity to craft beautiful headboards. Whether you leave the rough edges and uneven slat sizes to add character or you saw, sand, and stain the pieces into a cohesive unit is up to you. Either way, your mom receives a gift that adds a touch of you and a touch of vintage to her bedroom. For all the nights she tucked you in with a goodnight kiss, give the place she lays her head a new look.


New Floors

Perhaps you were a prodigal child who gave your mother more grief than you care to remember (or admit). If you feel the need to give a gift to express both your apologies and your appreciation, you might need to do something big. How about replacing mom’s linoleum tile and worn carpet with reclaimed wood floors? That seems an adequate penance. You’ll increase the beauty and value of her home at the same time with a gesture that is both meaningful and practical. How could she not enjoy that?


Wine Cabinet

Mothers are like fine wines. They get better with age. Do more than just telling your mom so in a card. Show her by building her a wine cabinet using reclaimed materials. Reclaimed longleaf pine, a reclaimed window, and some reclaimed hardware provide you with the basic structure of the cabinet while keeping the same viable materials out of local landfills. Sand and stain the woods to match or mix it up with a variety of stains. Use the reclaimed wood for the exterior framework of the cabinet, the window for the cabinet door, and the hardware to add finishing touches. Put a bottle of vino in the cabinet to demonstrate your love and the cabinet’s usefulness.


Sliding Track Barn Door

Replace the door you kicked a ball through or the one that never closed properly after your parents took it off the hinges during one of your groundings with a trendy, sliding track barn door. Use a vintage door or a sheet of weathered tin for the body of the door that glides over wheels on a track. It’s both functional and decorative. Moms like things that multitask as well as they do.

Regardless of the gift you choose, enjoy the time you get to spend with your mom.

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