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4 Reasons Why Longleaf Pine Makes Great Flooring

4 Reasons Why Longleaf Pine Makes Great Flooring

Longleaf pine and reclaimed flooring are two of our favorite things. When you put the two together, the result is a flooring solution that transcends all others. Here’s why:


1) Durability

As a testament to its strength, it is worth noting that, historically, this pine was utilized in the construction of bridges, wharves, and industrial buildings.

Longleaf pine has long been regarded as “heartpine” due to the large center of heartwood that comprises the center of the tree. This heartwood is recognized for its incredible density, strength, hardness, and durability. Although all heart pine is esteemed for its quality, longleaf pine surpasses others in fitness for flooring due to its stability and durability. It truly is the finest choice in wood flooring.



2) Character

Longleaf pine boasts a strong grain pattern. The knots and whorls that canvas the flooring panels offer a distinct character that adds to any home. Furthermore, reclaimed longleaf that has years of experience as flooring in one home is likely to carry dents and dimples onto its next home. Homeowners can take pride in knowing that their flooring tells a unique story, both in the inherent look of the wood, as well as its man-made accents.



3) Maturity

Reclaimed wood has several advantages over new wood. First, reclaimed wood flooring has experience. It has already been exposed to stress and endured changes in humidity. When a wood floor begins its second generation, weak spots and swelling are not problems.

Secondly, Aging emphasizes the natural characteristics of the wood, enhancing its innate beauty. Additionally, the resin in the wood crystallizes over time, allowing the wood to accept an oil finish in a unique way and gain a deep luster. Finally, the crystallization process also works in conjunction with years of air drying to strengthen the wood by reinforcing both durability and hardness.



4) Sustainability

In addition to the durability, character, and maturity of reclaimed longleaf pine, this flooring solution epitomizes sustainability. Reclaimed wood flooring offers a marvelous alternative to installing new wood floors. New wood flooring contributes to deforestation as a result of timbering. Installing reclaimed wood floors allows homeowners to upcycle wood from old buildings, reducing waste and deforestation in the process.

The two most sought-after characteristics in flooring are durability and aesthetic appeal. Reclaimed longleaf pine flooring has both of those, and then some. If you think this flooring solution might be for you, give us a call at Antique Lumber Company.


Looking for reclaimed lumber for your flooring?

Antique Lumber Company is located in Gainesville, Texas. We take great care in gently reclaiming the finest antique longleaf pine we can find, and we source all our materials from century-old structures like homes, barns, and warehouses throughout the North Texas region. The lumber, doors, windows, and hardware we salvage find new life in retail spaces, restaurant interiors, homes, and much more.

We’re proud to contribute to the reforestation of longleaf pine forests by keeping this incredible lumber out of the landfills.

Please visit us at our warehouse or read more about us here to read why we believe longleaf pine is exceptional as a building and design material above all others.

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