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4 Facts About Reclaimed Wood

recalimed lumber facts

4 Facts About Reclaimed Wood

We write a lot about the many benefits of reclaimed wood. When given the chance to speak to antique lumber’s broad appeal, environmental impact, and superior characteristics, we do! This week’s blog delves into the lesser known facts about repurposed timber products and why it makes for a superior material in your next construction project –

It’s older. Commercially grown pine plantations harvest their stands very quickly; at about 35 years after planting. While this seems like what would be an abundant amount of time, take into consideration that when Longleaf Pine was harvested a century ago, the trees were cut at about 400 years old. The remarkable age of these trees lends itself to characteristics which continue to make antique lumber a preferred product.

It’s generally wider. You don’t have to be an expert forester to imagine the difference in diameter of a 400-year-old tree versus one that’s 35. The larger trunk and increased height of the Longleaf species loaned itself to producing milled boards that were wider and longer than those milled today. If you were to examine the 2 side-by-side, you could quickly determine which was which.

It’s more stable. Old growth wood is more dimensionally stable than wood that’s been newly-harvested – old wood has been exposed to constant changes in humidity over prolonged periods of time. This gives pieces constructed from reclaimed wood far more stability than fresh timber, and it is particularly desirable for use in high-traffic areas such as your floors. Reclaimed wood for flooring is an ideal choice since the wood has already been contracting and expanding for many years, or perhaps decades.

It’s sourced locally. All of Antique Lumber Company’s reclaimed wood is sourced in Texas and most comes from the Gainesville area right here north of the Metroplex. We meticulously deconstruct and harvest all usable lumber from buildings and homes otherwise slated for complete demolition. When you purchase our lumber, you’re giving new life to local history.

Antique Lumber Company invites you to shop the finest selection of antique longleaf pine in Texas. Our warehouse is located just an hour north of the DFW Metroplex with, and we’ve recently added Saturday hours for your shopping convenience. When you’re looking to bring quality and history to your home or business’ construction project, look no further than longleaf pine and Antique Lumber Company!

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