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3 Uses for Reclaimed Windows

3 Uses for Reclaimed Windows

Do-it-yourselfers never cease to amaze us with their innovative and unique ways to use reclaimed lumber. Pinterest boards are filled with inspiring uses of lumber, doors, and windows and it’s easy to see why – using these materials offers the chance to build something as individual and distinctive as the pieces that were used. By incorporating reclaimed pieces in your project, you’re able to add character and charm to your home that you’re sure love for years to come.  Below, we look at 4 unexpected ways to use reclaimed windows that prove to be just as functional as they are aesthetic.

The Greenhouse Effect

Having to give up the joy of gardening in the winter and spring months is a sad fact for plant enthusiasts. Cold and arid months are less than ideal for plants but greenhouses offer a workaround to the outside elements. Warm, stable temperatures inside a greenhouse occurs when incident solar radiation passes through the transparent roof and walls (ideally glass) and thus heats the contents inside. A variety of greenhouse plans can accommodate most any space requirements and budgets. You can build them large or small ranging from tabletop designs to the large, walk-in varieties like solariums. Using reclaimed windows in your design allows for a green solution for the transparent panes required and adds visual appeal.


These 3 greenhouse plans can easily be modified to incorporate reclaimed windows:







Savvy Gardening’s free tutorial and building plan offers an option for those who are limited on space. This cold frame is the perfect choice for those needing to store only a handful of plants or are restricted as to the size greenhouse they can have.







Instructables offers this shelf-style greenhouse tutorial for gardeners wanting a bit more space. This plan is perfect for using reclaimed windows because the plans aren’t rigid in needing multiple windows of the same size. There is quite a bit of flexibility in this design – use what’s available to you and that you find interesting!








This walk-in design from Our Fairfield Home and Garden is an exemplary example of using many different window sizes and styles. This guided pictorial shows how you don’t need structured plans to create a stylish and functional greenhouse.


 Divided We Stand


Another excellent use for reclaimed windows are room dividers. Open floor plans create the illusion of ample space and allows natural light to flood areas that would otherwise be blocked by walls. They’re extremely popular in today’s homes as well as older remodeled spaces. However, homeowners find themselves struggling with how exactly to define such broad spaces. Using reclaimed windows to create a barrier is an excellent choice – it creates a clear distinction between two spaces while keeping the room’s airy feel. For added privacy, panes can be frosted to keep sunlight in while also concealing areas of a room from plain sight.


She Said She Shed


Small backyard buildings are becoming increasingly popular. Exquisite treehouses, she-sheds, and meditation rooms are cropping up as home features in real estate listings nation-wide. These polished, independent structures offer a retreat away from the home’s interior and are a great way to showcase more ornate reclaimed windows.

Whatever the function you’re needing, reclaimed windows are a great choice for your design. Using these pieces in your project is an economical, green solution that adds instant character to your home or yard.


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