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13 Uses for Reclaimed Wood

13 Uses for Reclaimed Wood

When we salvage old wood from various buildings, it’s not so we can build a giant bonfire. We do so with the understanding that somebody will want to use the wood for a beautiful project of their own. If you love the storied look of old lumber but aren’t sure how you could incorporate it into your home, let these ideas inspire and motivate you.

13 Uses for Reclaimed Wood


Coffee table, dining table, end table, picnic table… Pick a table and reclaimed wood can make it happen. Mix grains and stains to match any decor or create an entirely new decor. Pull it all together with more reclaimed wood or with metal brackets, braces, and legs.


Kitchen island

Build a kitchen island from reclaimed wood to add storage and counter space to your kitchen. Put it on lockable wheels for mobility and versatility. Mix things up by using one type of wood for the surface and another for the base.



Ever wanted a wet bar off your kitchen or on your patio? Longleaf pine provides the sturdiness to tolerate boot scuffs and the look to satisfy any designer.


Wine cabinet

Fashion a classy place to put your finest vintages. The size of your collection determines the size of the cabinet.



(Source: Remodelaholic)
Give your bedroom a new look by crafting a new headboard. Sand and stain it for a polished look, or leave it rugged a raw for a more rustic feel.


Sliding barn doors

Sliding barn doors provide an illusion of more space, create a unique barrier between rooms, or simply add an unusual focal point. Regardless of why you use them, they’re a stunning use of old wood.



Bookshelves, linen shelves, storage shelves… any shelf merits the use of old wood. Sanded and stained or rough and weathered depends on your style and preference.




(Source: Tumblr)
Hardwood floors, anyone? Reclaimed wood floors have a history and unique look that add beauty to any space. Reinstall, sand, and finish the floors we pulled from former schools, churches, or homes.



Remodeling an old bathroom is the perfect opportunity to build and install a DIY vanity.



Because longleaf pine is insect and rot resistant, it’s a great choice to use when building a deck in your backyard. Sand and weatherproof the wood to make it look like new and last longer against the elements. Use any scraps you may have to build furniture or storage for the deck.



Shoe rack bench

(Source: Recycled Pallet Ideas)
Got a mudroom or an entryway that needs organizing? Build a bench with shelves underneath out of reclaimed wood to provide a place to store shoes and to sit while putting them back on. Make it skinny like a console table for a narrow entryway or wider for a larger space. Add a coat rack made from similar reclaimed wood to complete the space.



Speaking of storage, why not use pieces of old wood to create a storage chest? Put it at the foot of your bed to store blankets and linens, or have it serve double-duty as storage and a coffee table.



Who doesn’t love the idea of a wooden swing on the porch with a glass of iced tea? Build your own using reclaimed wood.


Looking for reclaimed wood in Texas?

Antique Lumber Company is located in Gainesville, Texas. We take great care in gently reclaiming the finest antique longleaf pine we can find, and we source all our materials from century-old structures like homes, barns, and warehouses throughout the North Texas region. The lumber, doors, windows, and hardware we salvage find new life in retail spaces, restaurant interiors, homes, and much more.

We’re proud to contribute to the reforestation of longleaf pine forests by keeping this incredible lumber out of the landfills.

Please visit us at our warehouse or read more about us here to read why we believe longleaf pine is exceptional as a building and design material above all others.

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