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13 Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Projects for Fall

13 Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Projects for Fall

If you’re looking to do some smaller-scale reclaimed wood projects for the fall, here are 13 of our favorite ideas!

What is it about autumn that goes so well with the look of rustic or reclaimed decor? There’s just something special about the cooler air, longer nights, and trees left bare by fallen leaves that call us to draw inspiration from Mother Earth and infuse her touch into our homes.

Although we can’t exactly bring a woodland forest into our abodes, we can bring in the next best thing – reclaimed wood! Below, we’ve collected 13 of our favorite small-ish reclaimed lumber projects for fall.


1. Barnwood Shutters

Reclaimed Wood Projects for Fall

Via The Frugal Homemaker

Simple shutters like the two pictured above are a fairly easy-to-build project. They can be placed in all kinds of places inside and outside your home and they instantly add farmhouse charm wherever they are. Christina of the Frugal Homemaker shows us in her tutorial how she built these two barn wood shutters and those adorable wooden pumpkins, too!


2. Reclaimed Wood Fall Wreath


Via Lovely Etc.

When most people think of seasonal wreaths, they probably think of Christmas. But within the last several years, it’s become commonplace for home decorators to use wreaths during the fall, spring, and summer months, too.

This particular fall wreath takes an even different approach by skipping the faux evergreen altogether and instead utilizing a mix-match of reclaimed wood. Understated but elegant, this wreath would be beautiful in any home! You can check out the tutorial by Lovely Etc. here.


3. Reclaimed Wood Jack-o-Lanterns


Via Millers Art

If you’re into decorating for Halloween but would rather keep the oranges and purples to a minimum, building something like these wooden jack-o-lanterns would go well with your preferred color scheme. This project is especially great if you’re a little more skilled with woodworking tools.

For those of you who’d rather skip the woodworking, you can always just purchase them here!


4. Barnwood Centerpiece


Using a unique item like this small barn wood trough as part of a table centerpiece is another lovely way to incorporate antique lumber into your fall decor. Here, pops of orange and red offset the neutrals in the room, creating an effective focal accent for the entire space.


5. Rustic Wood Sign


Via MT Sparrows

There are a million different creative ways to use reclaimed lumber for decorative wood signs. But simply hand-painting a word or short phrase onto a beautiful piece of wood can be enough to do the trick. Pair it alongside fall florals or place it on the mantel for a budget-friendly way to welcome autumn.

Purchase the one you see above here or check out this tutorial for painting on wood with ease!


6. Wooden Welcome Sign


Via All Things Vintage Wood

A big part of getting your home fall-ready is transforming it into a warm, inviting atmosphere. What could be more welcoming than, well, a welcome sign in your foyer?

This sign was made using reclaimed barn wood and cut-out letters and adds a modest autumn touch to the space. Add a colorful wreath of reds, oranges, yellows, and voila – an instant accent piece is born.


7. Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins


Via Thrifty Northwest Mom

If you haven’t yet noticed, pumpkins are kind of popular during the fall. (Pumpkin spice lattes, anyone?) Here’s a very simple tutorial for building the pumpkins pictured above out of reclaimed lumber from the Thrifty Northwest Mom. Since you’re obviously making them custom, you can easily paint or stain them to match perfectly with your decor.


8. Rustic Fall Sign with Window Pane


Via House by Hoff

When decorating this fall, not all of your reclaimed materials have to be lumber per se. Here, House by Hoff used a piece of wood from an antique school desk to create her own custom sign. After hand-painting the scripted text, she then paired the sign with a reclaimed window pane. Very simple to do, but very visually effective!


9. Free-Standing Wood Letters


Via Unskinny Boppy

If you’re lucky enough to have a few special tools or a woodshop in the backyard, building something like this letter B is another fun use for reclaimed wood. Here, the builder chose to keep this salvaged wood as original as possible, so she decided against sanding or staining. However, something like this could easily be painted or customized to your tastes!


10. Reclaimed Wood Crate


Via Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer

Here is a great tutorial for building your own decorative reclaimed crate. A project like this is a little more unique and it can be used all year long – just swap the pumpkins for ornaments, and then the ornaments for flowers… and you’ve got a year-long accent piece!


11. Wood Plank Table Runner


Via Far Above Rubies

Another simple way of incorporating reclaimed lumber into your dining room decor is by using a long, flat wood plank as a table runner like this one by Far Above Rubies. Not only does it add a little drama and texture to the tablescape, it also doubles as a resting platform for warm serving dishes, candle holders, or centerpieces.


12. Reclaimed Wood Candle Holder


Via Organized Clutter

Creating a reclaimed wood candle holder for your wall is easier than you think. This is especially great if you happen to have scraps of wood left over from other projects. All you need is a piece of scrap wood, a thrift shop ladle, a candle, and some fall floral spray and you’re good to go!

13. Reclaimed Lumber Wall


Via Shades of Blue Interiors

Perhaps you’re ready for a decorative overhaul that includes more than just setting out a few pumpkins and calling it a day. If you’re in the mood to really change the look and feel of a space, consider transforming your area with a wooden accent wall. Trendy and current, this look will take you into next spring and beyond. The wall pictured above, by Shades of Blue Interiors, is a great example.

Salvaged wood for walls like these (and the projects you see above) can be found at lumber yards that specialize in reclaimed wood, such as – ahem – ours!


Not sure where to find lumber for your reclaimed wood projects?

Antique Lumber Company has reclaimed lumber, windowpanes, hardware, and lots more for projects of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to build a table runner or are ready to build a table for your dining room, we have plenty of supplies for you to choose from. Visit our site or give us a call at 940-665-6000 to learn more!

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